SEO BeratungAKM3 offers its customers customised SEO consultancy. The range and benefits of SEO consulting services are offered and implemented specifically for each client.

We seek to take a holistic approach to SEO. Our aim is to integrate SEO as a sustainable online marketing channel into the existing online marketing portfolio. In order to achieve this, we recommend considering all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation, both on-page and off-page, and to develop a SEO strategy with a long-term focus.

SEO Consultancy services at a glance

Each single component of a fully comprehensive SEO analysis can be viewed and commissioned in isolation. Assessing each component individually is particularly useful should problems arise in the Search Engine Optimisation process that need analysing and resolving.

An SEO consultancy may also bring added value to existing working processes. Developing new traffic potential, for instance, using keyword research methods or evaluating one’s market position against its competitors according to SEO criteria (competition analysis) are just two possibilities. Such recommendations often prove as effective measures to improve the visibility and market position of a website respectively.

SEO Consulting: Process Orientated

When taking a process-orientated approach, a large focus needs to be made on sustainable long-term growth and on the integration of SEO as an online marketing channel. AKM3 therefore examines all aspects of search engine optimisation, defining goals and prioritised action for all areas.

To develop a long-term SEO strategy, AKM3 actively supports its customers with link marketing actions to build a natural backlink structure. AKM3 currently provides link marketing activities for 24 countries worldwide.

Moreover, AKM3 can also provide further assistance to support to customers in the implementation of their professional recommendations. Such assistance can include services such as the creating SEO-optimised texts or regular monitoring of implementations with the use of top-quality SEO tools.

SEO Implementation Consulting

Even after the initial analysis, AKM3 is on hand to support customers with implementing their recommendations and putting them into practice. As part of the Implementation Consultancy service, AKM3 GmbH assumes the responsibility of an external quality assurance and will be readily available, according to a pre-determined time quota, to deal with any further queries.

seo The AKM3 services at a glance:

Off-page services:

  • Identification of traffic potential (keyword research)
  • Analysis of the current rankings and analysis of further potential
  • Analysis of the backlink profile (Link Audit)
  • Competitor Analysis (on-page/off-page)
More information on off-page SEO advice can be found here

On-page services:

Additional SEO advice:

  • Introduction and development of a Universal Search Strategy
  • Introduction and establishment of a Local SEO Strategy
  • SEO Implementation Consulting

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